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Bankers Trust

Bankers Trust is the largest privately held bank in Iowa. We offer consumer and commercial banking, treasury management, and wealth management services.  We also have a registered investment advisor, BTC Capital Management. Our 550 team members are in Iowa, Arizona, South Dakota and Omaha.  To address equitable talent management and to give better opportunities to diverse employees at all levels as they grow their careers, Bankers Trust initiated the Talent Review and Succession Planning process.

Equitable Talent Management

Bankers Trust talent and succession process allows leadership teams across 20 different areas of the bank to discuss talent demands and look at the performance, agility and potential of our team members.  Bankers Trust HR business partners work with department leaders to lead them through these discussions annually, with a focus on creating intentional development plans toward growth within a team member’s role and for future aspirations.


Leaders are encouraged to cite demonstrated examples and give alternative perspectives. From there, talent review conversations evolve into succession planning for key roles and readiness levels are determined for team members in queue. Each talent review and/or succession planning discussion looks at diverse representation within an area at all position levels and for those listed as successors to key roles. If diversity in gender or race is missing, HR business partners lead a discussion on potential barriers that may exist and assist leaders to come up with action plans for change. This process has existed at Bankers Trust for eight years.

Contact - Amanda Young

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