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Compliance and Accountability Promising Practices

Compliance and Accountability, for the purposes of this playbook, includes tracking key metrics, both internal and external, that help us meaningfully move toward equity in the community. 

1. Enable a diverse workforce and inclusive culture to drive business results through education. Where applicable, ensure leaders are compliant with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity (AA/EEO) regulations. AA/EEO is a best practice for all employers even if not a government contractor or subcontractor.

  • Conduct a listening tour to better understand the culture.

  • Design a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy and roadmap.

  • Form a DEI Council.

  • Provide education to help leaders understand AA/EEO regulations.

  • Lead awareness discussions with senior leadership and Board of Directors to gain support in strategic DEI initiatives.

  • Add or emphasize how DEI is key to company core values.


  • Leverage tools to uncover bias within job descriptions.

  • Create skills based job descriptions.

  • Debias policies and practices (i.e., promotion criteria, job evaluation process and business processes).

  • Consider hiring a consultant or leveraging online guides for an equity audit of all people processes.

  • Require a diverse candidate slate for every hire and promotion; track results.

  • Require a diverse interview panel for all hires.

  • Complete independent global pay equity review focused on gender and race; establish clear pay guidelines for new hire process for consistency.


  • Continue the learning journey for all workforce roles educating on DEI and key priorities of your organization.

  • Partner with non profit or Under Represented Ethnic Groups (UREG) organizations to recruit from diverse talent pools.

  • Create internship,  mentoring and sponsorship programs to fuel the talent pipeline.

  • Encourage leadership and employees to take part in programs to increase DEI IQ.


Discovering: Starting journey and creating equity pathways


Exploring: Perfecting the elements and moving the equity needle


Leading: Meeting metrics and scaling equity best practices

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