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NCMIC is the nation’s largest provider of chiropractic malpractice insurance, offering a comprehensive portfolio of financial and insurance products. NCMIC is a mid-sized company with 200 employees based in Clive, Iowa. In an effort to work towards equitable talent management and to diversify the organization’s candidate pool, NCMIC initiated the Rotational Development Program (RDP).

Equitable Talent Management

The RDP provides diverse candidates with the opportunity to gain experience and exposure to NCMIC’s organizational culture by completing work rotations in different departments. NCMIC receives referrals for the RDP program by leveraging their community connections with diverse colleagues and organizations. Ideal candidates are diverse, young professionals who have been in the workforce for 2-5 years. The candidate’s previous work experience allows room to explore, compare and differentiate from earlier positions or educational training. Each hire rotates through different departments and assignments, exposing the employee to the company culture, leadership styles and types of work. Educational and outreach opportunities are provided for employee development and to assist with aligning interests.


The RDP program lasts 12-18 months and the candidates are full-time employees with benefits. Following the rotations, the employee gravitates toward a certain role in the organization or a leader requests a specific employee for a permanent position. Due to the success of NCMIC’s first RDP, the program is currently in its second term.

Contact - Mike McCoy

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