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Equitable Talent Management Promising Practices

Equitable Talent Management, for the purposes of this playbook, includes embracing inclusive talent attraction, hiring and career development practices that increase access to and support the advancement of diverse populations in our workplace.

1. Broaden the reach of your recruiting efforts to be more equitable and inclusive. 

  • Include an equal opportunity or diversity statement on all job postings. Make it specific to your company and use non-jargon language.

  • Prioritize a thorough job search for all hires (i.e., de-emphasize referrals). Organizations often promote referral programs, however, when employees refer candidates, they most often refer people who look like them and come from the same networks, thereby reinforcing the current diversity level within organizations. The less diverse your organization, the more important it is to look beyond referral programs for candidates.

  • Write job descriptions focused on core skills required: Be specific and direct about the necessary skills. Hire based on these capabilities, rather than credentials or a vague culture fit. 

  • Challenge your hiring criteria. Focus on skills and qualities, rather than specific prior experience in the position, schools attended or previous employers.


  • ​Review company materials to make sure that your organization's leadership is making strong statements promoting diversity - website, recruiting materials, job ads.

  • Evaluate language in job descriptions. Keep the job description as factual as possible. Use a consultant or computer-based program to review your job descriptions and review forms to omit biased language. 

  • Hire diverse candidates at all levels, not just entry level, and including part-time and interns.

  • Require a diverse interview panel for all hires


Discovering: Starting journey and creating equity pathways


Exploring: Perfecting the elements and moving the equity needle


Leading: Meeting metrics and scaling equity best practices

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