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Des Moines Public Schools

Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS) is the largest public school district in the state of Iowa serving more than 33,000 students and employing nearly 5,000 professionals. DMPS is committed to providing an environment in which students and employees can learn, thrive, and belong. Equity and inclusion are fundamental pieces to that commitment and ultimately to the success of DMPS’s goal of educating students to possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful at the next stage of their lives.

Training and Education

DMPS serves as a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through their commitment to providing thoughtful training and education. DMPS understands that individuals tend to learn, thrive, and belong in environments that are equitable, inclusive, and diverse.  

DMPS has created Universal Orientation to introduce new employees to the district and create a foundation of support grounded in humanity for its newest employees. Universal Orientation is a 2-3 hour interactive program led by Talent and Personnel staff.  The orientation focuses on differences, belonging, evaluating experiences, sharing, and learning. The orientation gives new employees the opportunity to interact with staff and other new hires while gaining the fundamental pieces of what it means to learn, thrive, and belong within DMPS. The focus of the orientation allows new employees to see themselves as important and valuable assets in the mission of the district. Throughout the year, DMPS initiates follow-ups and check-ins to continue to support the employees.

Contact - Peter Le Blanc

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