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Evelyn K. Davis Center

The Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families helps families and individuals improve their financial position and connects them with their work and career goals. The Evelyn K. Davis Center assists many Central Iowans with building their educational and job dreams. This first-of-its-kind center is a beacon for those looking for educational, job training, and career opportunities by delivering workforce services. The Evelyn K. Davis Center prepares many Central Iowans to find their life calling as successful, working Iowans.

Equitable Talent Management

The Evelyn K. Davis Center’s initiatives in equitable talent management illustrate their leadership in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

The Evelyn K. Davis Center’s leadership team recognized that in order to diversify the organization’s candidate pool, they needed to remove barriers in their job postings and applications. The leadership team learned that the higher an applicant’s degree, the less diverse the population. In response, The Evelyn K. Davis Center removed education requirements from job postings. Instead of requiring a bachelors or advanced degree, the team chose to require only experience within pertinent fields or job capabilities. For example, The Evelyn K. Davis Center recently posted a job to aid their small business incubator program. Rather than requesting a bachelors or associates degree, they asked for a set number of years’ experience in running or managing a small business. By implementing these equitable talent management steps, The Evelyn K. Davis Center has diversified its applicant pool and workforce.

Contact - Ahmed Agyeman

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