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Training and Education Promising Practices

Training and Education, for the purposes of this playbook, includes investing in diversity, equity and inclusion education and training that is rooted in equity and addresses systemic barriers.

1. Embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training and education throughout all levels of the organization


  • Embed equity training in the onboarding for all employees.

  • Include topics such as fundamentals of DEI, structural racism, implicit racial bias, microaggressions, allyship, intentional inclusion and trauma-informed leadership practices across all levels of the organization.

  • Develop and refine your DEI policy and code of conduct.

  • Allocate resources to DEI training and education each year.



  • Establish a DEI training program specifically for senior leaders/C-suite leaders.

  • Be intentional on the topics covered and include, disrupting bias in hiring, feedback, evaluation, meeting facilitation, task assignment, mentorship, sponsorship and managerial relationships, and how to have difficult/courageous conversations about bias in the real world.

  • Drive the explicit commitment to DEI training, communicate clear goals and assign accountability measures.



  • Establish a training schedule that is ongoing, multi-year, participatory and developmental.

  • Provide educational and dynamic workshops, not perfunctory or frames as HR compliance.

  • Present the instruction in a variety of formats, continuously and over a significant length of time (online modules, workshops that engage participants in face-to-face conversations, group activities).

  • Incorporate training at all levels in the organization, including the Board, and connect DEI to leadership development.

  • Integrate DEI training within all stages of the talent lifecycle, from hiring, onboarding, succession planning, ongoing support, process change and other diversity and inclusion-building practices, such as active recruitment initiatives, diversity task forces and formal mentoring programs

  • Investigate the effectiveness of DEI training continuously, receive employee feedback, and adapt with changing needs.


Discovering: Starting journey and creating equity pathways


Exploring: Perfecting the elements and moving the equity needle


Leading: Meeting metrics and scaling equity best practices


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