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Meet the Collective

Setting an audacious goal to publicly release a racial equity data dashboard in a region for the first time may seem like a daunting endeavor for many. In light of this, we express our heartfelt gratitude to our DSM 4 Equity Collective members, United Way of Central Iowa, funders, and those who have extended their unwavering support.

(*individuals who transitioned out of the Collective)

Marta Codina – Tri Chair, DSM 4 Equity

Renee Hardman – Tri Chair, DSM 4 Equtiy

Tanner Krause – Tri Chair, DSM 4 Equity

Angela Connolly, Chair, Capital Crossroads

Jay Byers, Chair, Capital Crossroads

Teree Caldwell-Johnson, Chair, Capital Crossroads

Kristi Knous, Chair, Capital Crossroads

Barwaqo Aden

Shaimaa Aly

Joshua Barr*

Lindsay Cannaday

Pernell Cezar*

Marvin DeJear

Jacqueline Easley

Victoria Henderson-Weber*

Joe Henry

Christine Her*

John Hollinrake*

Levon Hooks

Enrique Idehen*

Buffy Jamison*

Miriam Lewis

Dawn Martinez Oropeza*

Mike McCoy

Kameron Middlebrooks*

Julian Neely

Manisha Paudel

Darius Potts

Sanjita Pradhan*

Scott Raecker

Jade Song

Mak Suceska*

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