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The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines

The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines is a small non-profit with 30 employees, working to improve the quality of life for all by promoting charitable giving, connecting donors with causes they care about, and providing leadership on important community issues. The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines serves as a leader in DEI leadership and representation through its commitment to building a diverse board of directors, representative of the community it serves.

Leadership and Representation

Annually, The Community Foundation utilizes a board matrix to assist the Governance and Nominating Committee in ensuring diversity among the board. The matrix is divided into five major categories, organizational or business experience, area of expertise, gender, age and race/ethnicity with additional categories within that are unique to the needs of the Community Foundation’s board. The outcomes of the matrix are then compared to the broader community’s demographics to ensure the board is representative of the community.


The Community Foundation gives special attention to its recruitment process and is strategic when it looks at its composition. The completed matrix is also provided to the National Standards for Community Foundations Accrediting Board and is one element considered when community foundations receive accreditation. The board matrix worksheet is a data driven way to ensure diversity in all its forms.

Contact - Kristi Knous

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